How to Plan a Trip to Hawaii

You should note that visiting Hawaii is not only for the famous and rich. With good planning, you can visit Hawaii on a shoestring budget. Every person has a chance to visit this particular paradise. Hawaii offers you a chance to be immersed in Aloha culture. You will enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the island, relax on the beach thanks to all-year-round temperatures. It is rated as number two spot for vacation destinations. It is unfortunate that many people believe the paradise does not come cheap. There are few known ways to planning a trip to Hawaii on a limited budget.

Save on Airfare

hawaii waikiki beachSouthwest fans have been enjoying discounted trips to Hawaii for the last few years. For most people, Southwest has been the leading economic choice for air travel. When you board Southwest, you will save up to 15%. The fact that there are many airlines that travel to Hawaii means you can benefit from competitive pricing. If you are not sure whether Southwest is the right option, you should try searching and comparing various airlines.

Book Your Flight in Advance

When you book your flight in advance, you can save a lot of money. It is a good idea to check air travel fares 3 to 6 months in advance. Ideally, the right time to buy tickets for a flight is one month to six months in advance.

Be Flexible on Your Schedule

It is recommended to book your flight on Thursday, Wednesday, or Tuesday as you can secure a cheaper rate with most airlines. In fact, Friday through Monday is regarded as the perfect time for travel and the rates are more expensive. There are many tools and resources online that can help you know when it is the right time to purchase air tickets.

Land on a Smaller Island

hawaiiAlthough getting a direct flight to Honolulu seems to be the best option, flying into Hilo or Kona could save you a lot of money. Every island has its unique things to offer. You should never be afraid to go off the beaten path. If you like traveling internationally and miss your loved ones back at home, send them flowers to let them know what you are thinking.

Enjoy the Local Cuisine

The truth is that there are a few ways you can enjoy great meals in Hawaii without spending a lot of money. You can find restaurants that offer early-bird specials. That means if you are seated before 6 pm, your meals will be discounted.

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